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One must have the top field hockey goalie gear because they are not only made for the game but also they help in protecting the player during the game. If one is playing the ice hockey, it is worth noting that it uses a special kind of stakes. Previously, these used to be simple metal blades which were attached to normal shoes. Other gears for playing hockey include the hockey stick, shin guard, helmet, and mouth guard, cup or jock, shoulder and elbow pads, hockey pants and gloves.

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Because it is a contact sport, injuries will happen. But you can surely keep clear by taking precaution and using proper safety gears. And if you think adults are just playing up the matter, ask your coach simply Google the termĀ ‘worst hockey injuries’ and you shall know better of it. So, if you plan to make it to the top eleven in years to come, ensuring high fitness levels is the first thing you should be focusing on, which again works in tandem with the safety on the field. So, follow these safety tips to keep risks to a minimal.

Mouth guard

Not only the goalie, but these are recommended for all the players on the field. They will protect your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Many leagues make their use mandatory.


You cannot imagine playing without a good pair of shoes. But have you ensured it is robust enough to give you the right grip? The cleats of your shoes should be rounded and provide the proper traction on the field and be very particular of how they fit you. Don’t use the types with screw-in cleats unless you need access traction as they pose a higher risk of injury.

Shin Guards

There is antg2wedr5f2eyt72u2 increased risk of ankle sprains and injuries since a lot of footwork and running is involved. Wearing a shin guard specially made for field hockey beneath your socks supports your ankle joints and protects them from injuries. Additionally, the goalkeeper has set of gears among them being the goal skate, blocker, stick, arm and chest protector, gloves, goalie mask, catch gloves and socks.

To keep theĀ goalie gear in top condition, they require regular maintenance, after every game; one must wash or clean the gears and hang them to dry air. In case there is a tear in jersey or glove, it can easily be fixed with little effort. A unique kit hanger for hanging the wet hockey gears should always be used.…