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Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints are some of the most efficient healing options that both prevent severe heel pain and prevent recurrence of the problem. They work by allowing the plantar fascia and calf to stretch while you are sleeping. The splints play the role of a brace ensuring that your foot stays at a does flexion angle. Your plantar fascia remains extended. Hence it can contract or tighten easing the pain. After using it for a long time, plantar fascia return to its standard size and the pain fades completely. However, it is imperative to choose a plantar fasciitis night splint that is suitable for your foot.

Buying Guide For Night Splints

Types Of Splits

There are two types of braces Dorsal Splint and the Boot Brace, and you should wear the one yiuytryuiopoytou are most comfortable with. The Dorsal Splint features a hard plastic support that is located on the top and along the shin of a foot. However, it has nothing to cover the arch or the heel of your foot; though you arch and heel are free to breathe, your foot remains at a ninety-degree angle. Boot splint is larger than the Dorsal Splint. The boot is designed to prevent slippage and maximize stretching. However, they may be uncomfortable for moving around the house at night.


A lightweight splint allows you to move comfortably. For a lightweight splint, choose the Dorsal Splint which is light and has high mobility. It is especially convenient if you plan to go to the bathroom at night. A less bulky design is also comfortable to wear.


Choose a brace that allows air circulation was enabling your feet to breath as this minimizes discomfort. Dorsal Splint aims to facilitate air flow.


Choose a brace that fits your foot comfortably ensuring you do not slip. A poorly designed splint prevents you from stretching the foot hence you cannot relieve pressure. Accumulation of pressure on the toes may make you sleep. One splint that is strategically designed to keep you safe is the Boot splint.

• Thin straps- Heavy straps coiuytuiopoiuytyuian cause excess sweating.
• Reduce inflammation- Some night splints have ice packs that reduce inflammation.
• Adjustable Design- Choose the brace with an adjustable design allowing it to be worn on a broad range of types and sizes of feet.
• Compression socks – These are suitable for people with mild cases of plantar fasciitis. Compression socks push the ankle and foot into a stretched position, and one can even sleep in them.

Make an informed decision to choose the most appropriate night splint for your particular condition. You can visit as specialist for assessment.…