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The psychological and physical trauma of acne can be very unbearable.A good dermatologist should play the role of a doctor and a friend.Here are some of the qualities of a good dermatologist.

Wexperience and specialties

When choosing a dermatologist, you would want to find one who has a wide experience dermatology. Many doctors may offer dermatology services, but it doesn’t mean that they have experience in performing medical dermatology procedures. Find out how long your potential dermatologist has been practicing, and what experience they have performing the procedures and skin care treatments that you are interested in.

 Effective Communication Skills

It is very crucial that you can communicate effectively with your dermatologist. He is a medical professional who will perform dermatology procedures on you, and you will need to trust him to be able to explain the details and the risks of each procedure.

Outstanding demeanor and personality

222lkjPatients consider their interactions with their physician not as a business relationship but a personal one in which they will look for qualities such as sincerity and warmth. Patients who will be extremely satisfied with their care feel much connected to providers they like and feel comfortable with.

 Humaneness and caring

This is an outward expression by the dermatologist that they truly care about the patient to the level of being seen as compassionate and sincere about their needs.

 Supportive and Understanding

This quality incorporates consideration, patience, and apparent empathy in dermatologists who seem to put their patients’ interests first and will always support their treatment choices.


As patients seek guidance from the dermatologist to whom they entrust their health; trust is a very important quality that is based on patients’ belief that their dermatologist is sincere and knowledgeable and serving their interests first.

7. When their dermatologist spends time with them, patients feel that they are receiving the best care and they are being listened to.

pill-30353_640Your dermatologist should play the roles of confidant and advisor at the same time. He or she should educate you about the real causes of acne and reassure you that your pimples are not due to eating the wrong foods or to fail to wash often. The dermatologist should also be able to record your acne history, noting such details as for how and when the acne began and the patterns it shows, your living habits and medications that you are taking.…


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Are you looking for the best exercise equipment that you can use to work on your cardiovascular system and condition your body? If you are, then you should consider investing in an elliptical machine which is is one of the most popular cardio exercise equipment.

Regardless if you are an athlete who wants to prepare for your training and game, or you simply want to stay fit and healthy, an elliptical would be very useful in achieving your goal.

Read on learn more about the health benefits of this particular equipment.

Reduce stress

Ellipticalist machines  makes you feel like you are gliding on air. You need to move the pedals which are connected to the handles, creating a reverse or forward motion. As it makes a low impact motion, it reduces stress and also works on the lower part of the body particularly its joints and muscles.

Promotes cell growth

061023-N-0879R-003Aside from its ability to reduce stress, an elliptical machine also helps in promoting cell growth because of its weight bearing feature. This is its biggest advantage over the other equipment on the marketplace.

Preserves strong bone mass

When talking about the overall health of an individual, the density of bone is considered as one of the determining factors. If you have a strong bone mass then you are considered healthy and fit.

Full body workout

A lot of companies nowadays are manufacturing different types of elliptical machines utilizing the newest technology. Some are even offering full body workout which is quite beneficial. Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply maintain your figure, you will surely benefit a lot from using this machine particularly when it comes to its cardiovascular performance. You can also intensify your routine using the speed, incline, heart monitoring, and other amazing features.

Ensures safety and protection

333iuyIt is true that there are hundreds of other workout equipment out there these days. However, not all of them are safety to use. But with an elliptical machine, you are guaranteed safety and protection while you are exercising. It also reduces the pain that you are most likely to feel when you are working out because the force is distributed to the different parts of your body.

The above-mentioned benefits are just some of the advantages of using an elliptical machine. A lot of people are into it because it is convenient and comfortable to use. You can also choose from the different types depending on what your needs are.…